Sheep casings

Sheep casings (Saitlinge) are small intestines from sheep and are at the forefront of sausage production in terms of value and consumption. They are used for the finest sausages, such as Nuremberg, Wiener, Frankfurt etc. The characteristic cracking during the bite of the sausage is a special feature of the saitling and part of its great economic importance when using natural casings. Saitlings are soft yet strong enough to withstand the filling, cooking and smoking processes. The sausage aroma can develop even more intensively due to the high air permeability and the high dehydration of permanent sausages improves their preservation. Depending on the country of origin, the colour of the sheep casings varies from white to grey. However, this variation does not say anything about quality, strength or filling properties.

The Saitling is so named, because in the past and still today small intestines from sheep were used for the production of instrument strings.