Why natural casing?

Natural casing is a sausage casing made mainly from the intestines of cattle, pigs or sheep. Artificial casings are artificially manufactured according to their name, but are not necessarily free of animal products. The difference between natural and artificial casings can be determined not only by their production, they also have different properties. Both products have advantages and disadvantages. Natural casings are edible.

Natural casings are one of the oldest packaging materials in the world. So the Iranian sheep casings are high quality eco products without any additives.

The natural casing gives the sausage its characteristic appearance. Sausage products in natural casings enjoy great popularity. In a study conducted by the German Society for Consumer Research, 2,500 people were asked about their purchasing behavior. The result shows that sausage in natural casings is significantly more popular with consumers than sausage in artificial casings.

Particularly noteworthy is the environmental friendliness. Sausage in a natural casing is more of a specialty than sausage products in an artificial casing and is viewed as higher quality, more appetizing and unadulterated. The harmlessness to health is also assessed better. Even with a 10% price difference, more than half of consumers would prefer the more expensive sausage in natural casings.

Corporate Philosophy

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