Advantages of natural casings

Natural casing gives the sausage its characteristic appearance. Sausage products in natural casings are very popular. In a study by the German Society for Consumer Research, 2,500 people were asked about their purchasing behaviour. The result shows that sausage in natural casings is much more popular among consumers than sausage in artificial casings.

Particularly noteworthy is the environmental friendliness. Sausage in a natural casing is more of a specialty than sausage products in an artificial casing and is viewed as higher quality, more appetizing and unadulterated. The harmlessness to health is also assessed better. Even with a 10% price difference, more than half of consumers would prefer the more expensive sausage in natural casings.

The outstanding benefits of natural casings include:

  • The variable permeability of the natural casings allows the smoke to penetrate the entire sausage deeply and consistently in order to create a rich, balanced aroma from start to finish.
  • The variable permeability also allows the product to “breathe”, which contributes to the development of the sweet aroma of fresh sausages, whether it is embedded in a meat casing or sizzling in an oven or on a grill.
  • Natural casings contribute a lot to natural ripening processes and help to protect and preserve the fine aroma of the sausage and spices.
  • Thanks to its endothermic quality, sausage remains tender and juicy in the natural casing, retains a fresher appearance and is easy to store.
  • The osmotic quality of the natural casings means that the flavors inside and outside the sausage are mixed together while it sizzles in the pan, on the grill or gridiron; it also contributes to increased eye attraction during cooking.
  • Bite into a sausage wrapped in natural casing and you will notice the legendary “cracking effect” that only natural casings can provide.
  • Excellent tensile strength paired with stability enables top results for sausage manufacturers.
  • Sausage in natural casing has a distinctive and attractive appearance and provides the consumer with real value for the money he spends on food.
  • Natural casings emphasize the artisanal character of sausage production.
  • A multitude of shapes and diameters, combined with an appealing appearance, give the sausage great opportunities to develop in natural casings.
  • “Nature” continues to be one of the most powerful words influencing consumer purchasing decisions today.
  • Highest quality is a matter of course for sausages in natural casings. This is ensured by strict hygiene controls and consistent observance of the strictest regulations that have been issued by the federal and state governments.
  • Natural casings as a by-product of every slaughter are extremely environmentally friendly. Only water and salt and no chemical additives are used for cleaning and further processing or preservation.
  • Natural casings have a neutral taste.
  • Natural casings are boil-proof and swellable.