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Mohsen Rahmani

Sheep Casings

   Sheep Casing:

"Saitling" is the processed small intestine of the sheep. The softtest and thinnest natural casing that is used for sausage. The small intestine of the sheep is approximately 22m long.

   The qualities are
   mainly a result of:

•  Breed      •  Climatic conditions      •  Food

with 53 million of sheep Iran takes the 4. place in the world.

especially firm on filling - particularly for industrial production
imports only from selected top productions
goods produced solely from high quality raw material
Standard calibration ranges: 16 - 18 ends each hank
Special selection:    14 - 16 ends each hank

and other special selections upon request
  A      •  B      •  C
from 14 mm to more than 28 mm, special wishes upon request
 dry salted        ready -to-fill
 buckets        boxes        barrels
   Used for:

Wieners, Frankfurters, Bockwurst, Bratwurst, Pork Sausage Links, Cocktail Franks, Nuernberger, Boullion-Wurst, Debreziner, Pfefferbeisser, Beer Stix, Veal Sausage, Cabanosa, Chipolata, Landjaeger, Hot Dogs, Breakfast links