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Corporate Philosophy

The contentment of every single customer has topmost priority for us. Our enterprise places the customer at the centre of our daily work.

A long-term cooperation on a trustworthy basis with all customers is important for us. We would therefore like to convince you also by our performance.

We are in constant contact with our Iranian suppliers. Thanks to our knowledge of the culture and language of the country, we are able to offer good delivery conditions with strictly high-caliber goods of excellent and consistent quality at a low price.

We also ensure that we offer only natural intestines of the highest quality. This requires that the first, decisive step of procurement is done with the greatest care, experience and knowledge. The success of our customers depends on the quality and purity of the raw products, and your success is, of course, our primary concern.

We are an authorized EC business with the number BW-EV 210 and follow the strict guidelines of the EU regarding quality and hygiene. Concerning food-regulations and the

Mohsen Rahmani

environment, our products are safe in every respect. The only used additive is common salt, a natural product.

A child from Talesh / Iran 
Photo: M. Kouchakpour Kapourchali